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You’ll love this. Satisfaction guaranteed. Even for the cynics.

cute tabby cat snuggling in bed

Troy doesn’t get out of bed for less than 10 000K,
or some munchies.

What!?! This is the most ridiculous concept I’ve ever heard of! An article with no content other than a few headings and catchphrases designed to lure the reader into reading this post and pressing the ‘like’ button? What a cynical ploy – the public will never buy it!
This post is different though. It’s not about empty promises, there really is something in it for the reader at the end.

And what might that be?
Well obviously I can’t reveal ‘what it is’ right at the beginning because then you wouldn’t want to read on, would you?

And what’s to stop me from just scrolling to the end of the post?
Trust. I know I can trust both you and the readers. I mean, what would be the point in getting the answer at the end of this post straight away without reading any of the persuasive argument to back it up? What sort of hollow experience would that be?

Right now I’m not having any experience other than frustration because I don’t know or understand what the hell I’m reading about. Why are you being so obscure about this ‘answer’ at the end of the piece? At least give me a clue.
Okay, it has to do with satisfaction.

That’s good. I want satisfaction. Tell me more.
Little by little, remember? It’s all about delaying gratification. Rationing the information, whetting the intellectual appetite, unravelling the answer slowly…

YES, YES, YES, I know! Just bloody tell me!
“I can’t get no satisfaction”, once sang the Rolling Stones.

But I want satisfaction and now you’re telling me I can’t have it?
But you will my friend, all in good time. This is an interjection – I’ve dangled the carrot and taken it away, thus making the carrot more desirable than ever and in the process piggy-backing a hugely successful cultural phenomenon, i.e. the Rolling Stones which gives the argument gravitas and a more populist slant.

Er… that sort of makes sense
Do you see the effect this is having? You’re more relaxed. The more of this article you read, the calmer you become. But of course, a person of your intellectual standing would easily understand this. Did you notice how I didn’t patronise you then?

That’s right, you complimented me.
Spot on, you’re absolutely right. Well done you!

Thank you.
Now you’re in the right frame of mind I can tell you the secret of achieving satisfaction.

What is it?
It’s persisting and getting to the end of something.

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I like it.
Press the button then.

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