What’s it all about?

I’ve been in the mind business for over 25 years. I started off selling ideas from the back of a van, no one else was doing this sort of thing then – the crazy days – they called us the ‘scrap mental merchants’; it was hard work, exciting and fast-changing. I won’t lie, I did alright out of it.

But times have changed and now that I’ve opened up a shop, the young’uns are all telling me, “You’re too old for this game,” and I tell ‘em back, “No I ain’t.”

The thing is, the big clock of life is ticking on and a few years down the line you accumulate a lot of stuff – mostly dodgy memories. To be honest with you, I’m tired of carrying it all about.

Someone, somewhere out there is going to want this sort of sh… stuff.

Ain’t they?

So what’s this blog all about?
I get asked a lot of questions, by a lot of people, usually the same old thing.

I’m fed up of repeating myself.

“FAQ ‘em,” the Boi said.

“You can’t treat customers like that,” I says, “People have a right to know.”

“Put it in a blog then, dad.”

So I have. And here it is.

Still confused?
Then see how we started up in Why now?

mind clearance

  1. eatmorewords says:

    Like the idea of a warehouse of ideas, I tend to store mine in a fridge, keeps them cool.

    And as David Bowie said or sung,

    My brain hurt like a warehouse
    It had no room to spare
    I had to cram so many things
    To store everything in there

    Thumbs up and keep the warehouse fully stocked.

    • Sorry ’bout that eatmorewords, I had to shut up shop temporarily to go and see an Air show. But it was too foggy so I ended up just looking at Air. Got some great photos though.

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