End of an error…

Posted: October 18, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in getting in to the swing of it
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We’ve run out of ideas, the memories have faded, you’ve had all the answers, the imagination has run dry and now we can’t even afford to run the place anymore…

Why’s that?
Oh, didn’t I tell you? Someone burnt down the shop last night. Everything has gone.

Yes, and as no one really understood us, so
no would insure us: we weren’t covered, which means all the money has gone.

So I’m not getting paid for this?
Have you ever?

No. So there really is no money?
It’s not as if we had much in the first place,
what we didn’t spend on rent and stock went
on damp-proof paint. The damp won’t be a problem anymore after a fire like that but at least no one was hurt. Someone told me that
Steve the damp patch had already gone away on gap year.

So what now, start again?
To be honest with you, we’ve only got two thoughts to rub together: Who would do such a thing like this? What are we going to do now?

We could have a whip-round, or get a loan from the bank…
No one is going to give us the time of day, let alone some money. We’ve got nothing of value to act as security.

Wait, what about the original idea for sliced bread? Wasn’t that kept in a fire-proof box? We could dig that out of the wreckage and use it as security – why are you shaking your head? No, don’t tell me it was caught in the fire too?
Yes, it was.

The idea for sliced bread – I’m afraid that’s toast.


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