Ever get that Sunday morning paranoia feeling? Or is it just me?

Posted: September 2, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in holiday
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from el peñonWhat’s happening!? The postman doesn’t deliver on Sunday. Someone just rung the doorbell – twice!!

And there’s a note under the door. No, it’s a postcard. Again, no writing on it.

What can it mean? Wish you were here… Where is here? In the sea? Why not the land bit? Why three dots, what’s the significance of that. Questions, questions, no one here to answer them. This is Sunday – we’re shut. Only me and the shadows on the wall, the sound of the drips: drip, dripping… drip





“Don’t ask me anything. I’m not here.”

Don’t, whatever you do, drip or drop anything in the comment box because it’ll only make things worse.

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Avez-vous la guelles de bois?


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