The reverse of psychology

Posted: September 1, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in holiday
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yucca flowerGot the latest postcard from the Boi. Another  cryptic one with no writing on. He must be having a good time or else his pen’s run out.

I don’t get this picture; “Wish you were here…”, what, on a flower? What’s he trying to say?

Anyway, it’s way too quiet here so I’ve decided to try some reverse psychology, actually Biker Squid down the pub suggested it when
I tried to ask him something. “Don’t ask me anything,” he said.

So, same goes for me: “Don’t ask me anything.”

If, by chance, the reverse psychology works: don’t, whatever you do, put any questions in the comment box because we’ve just had it repainted and don’t want any fingerprints left in it.


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