Posted: July 12, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in Early days yet...
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”Oh yeah.” A phrase uttered without care or conviction, “Oh yeah.”

That, my friends, is a typical afterthought, used almost like a full-stop punctuation mark, the moment has passed, it’s no longer important, move on. That is why the past is littered with mistakes and broken dreams that cannot be fixed – left in the cupboard of history with the hope that one day they will magically work again.

watch tower, look-out

There should’ve been a picture of something relevant here.

They won’t, what you should have…
Ah-hah! That is another frequently used afterthought, a regret – “I should have…” replaying an incident (often stressful) over and over, trying out all the alternatives, hoping to reach a more satisfying outcome – I should’ve done this. I should’ve done that. You should’ve done so at the time, because now all you’re doing is just torturing yourself with ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’. Sometimes it is really best
to move on.

Are you saying afterthoughts are redundant?
Look, there’s a general lack of responsibility these days, very little afterthought but we are seeing a rise
in pre-thought.

What’s pre-thought?
Oooh! You’re showing your age there. You should’ve pre-thought before you asked that question because now you’re just going to look silly (and old). Pre-thought is the process that goes on before a thought has even occurred. It’s the preparation or laying the groundwork for thought. You see, if thought is like an exam, then pre-thought is the mechanism of sitting at the desk, sharpening and setting out your pencils, pens, a rainbow array of felt-tip markers, lucky mascots and so on, until the phrase: “You may start,” is uttered which is the analogous point for when the actual thought begins.

Isn’t pre-thought the same as experience?
Hmm, well… there’s a subtle difference but I can’t explain it to you. It’s something you have to learn for yourself.

Then how will I know if I’ve got and understood pre-thought?
Because you’ll have a distinct lack of afterthought.

Oh yeah.

mind clearance

Are you pre-thinking what I’m pre-thinking? – leave a comment!


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