Posted: June 7, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in Early days yet...
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We’re getting a bit low on ideas here at the shop which is just as well because we need the shelf space: in this period of uncertainty, more and more people are wanting to feel safe and secure – we’ve had a run on memories of better times.

Isn’t nostalgia a way of suppressing the future?
It seems that everyone wants a future as much as they want nostalgia but they just don’t want to put in the effort. The fact is that ideas are hard work, they need time and nurturing and there’s no guarantee that they’ll come to anything.

Remember those English summers?
Of course you do.

What sort of memories do have in stock?
Lovely old ones, just ready for reliving. You see, a fresh good memory is cheaper because it’s like an uncut diamond – it’s nice but still raw,
a bit basic looking and rough round the edges – it could do with a time polish. The years do that to memories, takes all the harsh bits off, rounds them up nice and convenient, make them easier to dogest. We’ve got a load of these vintage memories, all different shades too.

You have different colours?
Yes, memories change colour, older living memories veer towards the rose end of the spectrum. Go even earlier to the memories handed down by your grandparents and you’ll find they’re all sepia. Eventually the colour drains out of memories completely, as time goes by you’re left with just black & white, and they’re usually stills. Some memories fade away completely.

Isn’t that sad?
No, because now we’ve got the technology to restore these memories. The Boi took a course. He’s never been busier, sorting out and up to his elbows in rose tint.

Isn’t that dishonest, adding the rose tint?
We’re in the business of restoration, you can’t let sentimentality get
in the way.

But isn’t that the whole point of fond memories?
People will pay a lot for fond memories, with the high demand and rising cost of rose tint, they’ll only get more expensive.

What about making our own happy memories?
Of what’s happening today? Have you seen what’s going on out there? It’s downright miserable, no one in their right mind will want to remember any of it. There’s no such thing as cheap family entertainment any more, rolling back the carpet to have a dance around the piano, these days it’s all about having a wii in front of the tele and that my friend costs money. And with the cut in benefits, gone are the days where we could all have a laugh at someone else’s expense. No, it’s kinder on the family budget to take home a couple
of our tinted memories – that’s the future.

But shouldn’t we be selling the idea of a different future?
Start your own shop then.

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