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Now there’s an old-fashioned word you don’t hear much any more. You can tell Loyalty’s an old word because it’s got two Ys in it – you don’t get many modern words with that amount of Ys. Yo-yo, for example, that was last heard of in the 50s – your modern day rappers have left out the hyphen to give ‘yo yo’ a completely different meaning.

Another thing about ‘Loyalty’ is the fact that it’s a seven letter word with three syllables which also gives the age away – in the olden days when there were less words they used to pack more syllables into them – e.g. ‘amiable’ = four syllables, compared to the modern day ‘friendly’ which only has two (and one more letter). Point proven.

loyalty card

Apply for yours today!

What is the point?
It has been suggested that we at the shop say a big thank you to all our loyal customers by offering them something in return. So, we’re giving away points.

  • Each visit = 1 point
  • For each comment 10 points.
  • Also watch out for on-the-spot
    ‘point giveaway’ promotions,

(I don’t know what these will be, I needed something else to mention, because the scheme was looking a bit pathetic with only two bullet points).

That seems too good to be true, how can you convince me?
I know, the offer seems too good to be true, you’re tempted but not yet convinced, there’s one detail missing, I forgot to mention: It’s free!


How do I collect my points?
By joining our ‘Loyalty Card’ scheme. Sign up today! The first 100 applicants will get our exclusive platinum status account which means you can start earning points immediately.

When can I get my loyalty card?
When you apply. 

Where else can I use my loyalty card?
Only here at the moment, we tried punting the idea out to a few other sites but to be honest with you they weren’t too keen – busy with some other excuse.

What does my loyalty card get me?
The prestige of having something that is exclusive.

Is that it?
It’s as simple as that.


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