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A lot of people say to me: “You’re in the mind business, how does it work?” So, I tell them what goes on without droning on in too much detail but I find they ain’t really interested in the actual business, what they really want to know about is the mind itself, which is very commendable. So I think what they are really asking is:

What goes on up there?
As I’ve said before, I ain’t a scientist so I can’t give you all the specifics and fancy terms in Latin – you get it as I see it. Now, everyone knows that information comes into the brain via the sensory organs – ears, eyes, nose, etc. and the raw information is processed into a format that the mind can understand, like thoughts and memories, etc. You know all that already, so I won’t bother elaborating on that aspect further.

wind turbine

A still mind creates no wind.
- Persian proverb

How does the mind store information?
A lot of people say it’s like a sponge, soaking up stuff – information filling up the holes – that’s all wrong. The sponge idea is a good image but purely metaphorical and I believe we’re trying to get to the nub of this matter, the real thing – the actual workings.

Inside the mind it’s like, well if you imagine you’re standing inside someone’s mind – someone you don’t know that is, if you stood inside that ‘person-that-you-didn’t-know’s’ mind and opened your eyes – sorry, I forgot to say you need to shut your eyes first and then open them only once you’re inside the mind to get the full effect – so, you’re in a mind, you open your eyes and you look around. What you’d see you wouldn’t understand. It’s like a complete mess.

So there’s no apparent structure to a mind?
A lot of people attribute the popular ‘four corners of the mind’ image to its structure. This couldn’t be further from the truth, there aren’t any corners – when did you last see someone with a square head? It’s like there is no front or back of the mind either – it’s all the same space with each point connected to all others.

If it’s not square, is it round?
Sort of, but not exactly, the mind is: like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning on an ever-spinning reel -“Windmills of your mind”, that song, is pretty accurate.

My head is spinning. Is it really a windmill?
No. Don’t be daft.

So if it’s not square or round or even a windmill, how does the mind work?
It’s difficult to say without getting too technical.

What if you start with a single thought?
I think that’s the phone going. You’ll have to excuse me.

The line: “Keys that jingle in your pocket, words that jangle in your head,”
That’s what it’s all about. Go on, have a Mind Clearance and jangle some words in the comments box.

mind clearance offer


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