Posted: April 19, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in Early days yet...
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A lot of people ask me why my blog posts sound so funny. At first I was flattered until they pointed out not funny ha-ha but funny-sounding peculiar – your posts read just like you speak only with better spelling. Bloody cheek! But the question has been asked and so, as a legit. trader I am obliged to reveal all.

For people like me that say what they think, there’s a Plain English filter in the text editing software that puts what I say into proper English. Simple as that, sort of. To tell the truth, the Boi deals with all this electronic media stuff I’m just the brains of the business, voicing the intellectual content.

copyright symbol

Who has the copyright on the copyright symbol?

This software ain’t perfect though, the Boi tells me that it struggles with some of my words and phrases. He tried to explain to me how it works: like a cross between a spell-check and a translator. To be honest, I don’t care how it does it, as long as it works. Mostly it does. One phrase it can’t get the hang of:

What is ‘aat back’?
Some woman asked me, and when I replied: “So much stuff you don’t want to know.” She just looked at me. So I clarified: “It’s the warehouse, ‘aat back’s’ the warehouse.”

“Oh,” she laughed (at me) “you mean ‘out back’.”

“Yes, ‘aat back.”

How do you pronounce something spelt o-u-t anyway? Oot? O-ut? Owt? Aat? Who’s to say she’s right and I’m supposedly in the wrong? It’s the way I speak.

Is it unPC for anyone else to say ‘aat back’?
Absolutely not, the more the merrier I say, but the lawyer – yes, I got a lawyer –  he says I have to copyright the phrase ‘aat back’. Apparently he’s heard kids on the street using it, reckons it’s an infringement of copyright, especially that when pressed, the user of the said words refuses to add acknowledgement of the phrase’s source – i.e. me.

The lawyer said this is all covered by the domain of intellectual copyright. Now I’m not claiming to be an intellectual – I haven’t read enough books to qualify and I still can’t answer anything on University Challenge but the lawyer should know about law as he did read enough books on the subject at college and was actually on University Challenge. (I don’t know how he got on though.)

Anyway, to be honest with you I weren’t too interested in completing all the necessaries – paperwork and stuff – it’s only a piddly little copyright afterall but when the lawyer told me it would earn a few pennies every time it was used, I dug out my pen and got signing. So we now have:

‘aat back’ ®™ ©2012

So feel free, use it as much as you want. It won’t wear out.


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