Posted: March 24, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in Early days yet...
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These big old railway arch warehouses can be a scary place at night, noises echo, shadows linger, some of the stock has a tendency to give off a low hum sound:

Wooo – no, lower; Mmmm – yes, that’s the sound.

Anyway, I was just about to turn off the lights last night when I noticed something wrong, not a presence but more of an absense: we hadn’t got any comments on the blog.

EmpTy-V test card

Turns out we've been broadcasting to no one.

I said to the Boi – he was still ‘aat back’, trying to sort through a pile of strange ideas, to be honest he was on a hiding to nothing – I says to him: “Oi! We ain’t got any comments. No one’s talking to us. What we done wrong?”

“That’s because we’re not live yet, Dad,” he says still sifting, “and we need to advertise.”

What? I reckon he’s spent too much time with these strange ideas, they’ve affected his judgement. Or else it’s the paint fumes. I thought the blog was supposed to advertise the shop but now he’s telling me we’ve got to advertise the blog as well? How does that work? I’ve heard it said that advertising feeds off of people’s insecurities, round here they mainly try and feed off me.

Why don’t you have a slogan for your company?
To be honest, we don’t need a slogan, the goods sell themselves. Admittedly most of the people that ask this question are in the business of advertising which makes me think they’re pushing for work.

Is now a good time to advertise?
It doesn’t look good when the ad agencies are desperate because it means that the country is in a right old state – no one is selling because no one is buying and so on. It’s a vicious circle and also a mystery to me.

Money makes the world go around?
Someone, somewhere, is sitting on the pile of money that’s stopping this world from going round. Tight-fisted sod!

I’m willing to have a go at changing the situation: surely it’s my turn to sit on the cashpile?

Publish and be damned?
My technical manager (the Boi) has strongly advised me against making this blog live: “This is like a dummy run, see how you get on with it so we can iron out any problems.”

Well, I ain’t a dummy, I have already been getting on with it and I don’t do ironing. What’s the point of me doing this stuff if no sod’s going to be able to see it?

I want people to read this and put their comments to it. Communication – that’s what it’s all about. No one wants the best kept secret blog on the internet award.

Do they?


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