Posted: March 20, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in Early days yet...
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I’m a bit annoyed actually, when I got here this morning to open up I found stuff all over the street – ripped-up memories, half-chewed ideas and broken dreams. Some silly bleeder had left a bag by the front doors overnight and surprise surprise the foxes had it, didn’t they? I told you they would.

Seeing this sort of mess down the street creates a bad frame of mind – like that broken window theory and as we know, it’s all downhill from there – unless you do something about it.

How can I get rid of a messy mind properly?
Call in the experts, this is specialised area which needs specialist handling, you can’t leave this sort of mess to the council to clear up, no, no, no. One, they are not qualified and two, we’re in times of cost-cutting, meaning any discarded thoughts, etc. will just be left where you dumped them.

Ripped-up memories, half-chewed ideas and broken dreams
- not a nice thing to be confronted with first thing in the morning.

Isn’t this just a load of hocus-pocus?
Oh do me a favour! Why then, would the science community spend countless years and research budgets trying to understand the human mind?

As I’ve stated before, I’m not a scientist but I do have a conscience (and I could lose my license) which is why it’s muggins here who is going to have to clear up and dispose of the mess outside in the proper fashion. Out of pocket before I even start the day. I may as well pay myself in Euros. Talking of Euros…

What should I do with bad ideas?
Look, it’s an expensive business disposing of bad ideas because if you don’t do it according to the guidelines there’s always going to be some residue left in the system which means the bad idea will only come back again. They are a bit like Japanese bindweed in that respect and you know how difficult that stuff is to get rid of.

Of course, the bigger the bad idea the more difficult the disposal. I remember my first job was for the cowboys who were hired to stem the thoughts of an 80s revival. I didn’t know I was working for cowboys at the time, of course. It was shocking, letting teenage boys loose and unsupervised on a job like that – we didn’t understand what we were doing, shattered bits of the 80s all over the place, it ended up like blowing dandelion seeds to the wind. And now, every other week, all over the world, someone’s declaring the 80s are back, the 80s are back – fashion, music, style. Gawd help us. Luckily that disposal firm went out of business soon after.

Are you to blame for the 80s revival?
Listen, there are other operators out there who still don’t know the meaning of guilt. Me, I’ve got some foxes mess to clear up.

It’s funny, you don’t get a lot of kharma, dharma and the like in people’s thoughts these days. Perhaps nobody does care after all.

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