Posted: March 6, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in Early days yet...
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A lot of people said to me, “You ain’t going to get a harrods’ queue outside your gaff.” Well guess what? When I turned up this morning there was some bloke in a suit sleeping by the door. Colourful pattern on his tie (and all down his shirt). He couldn’t remember anything so I sold him some late night memories, put him in a cab and sent him off home. First happy customer.

Time waits by Arlington Grey

“Time Waits” by Arlington Grey (1985)
Art on the walls makes a place classy, but
the damp has made this one go all blurry.
I don’t suppose that matters too much with
the abstract stuff.

So, all you cynics and disbelievers – especially ‘biker squid’ down the pub – contrary to your opinions, it looks like the blog’s working and we’re generating interest in the shop.

Are you open then?
We opened the doors today for the first time, I know what you’re thinking, it’s two days before he said he was going to open, I know, I know, there is a reason: we’ve got a damp problem and can’t get the paint to dry. So we had to open the doors. Admitted, the shop ain’t ready, it stinks of damp and wet paint and there’s stuff all over the place – I won’t lie, it looks a mess – but I said to the Boi: the mind business is not all about gloss and glamour, you take it as you find it. Which reminds me, a lot of people are still asking me:

How do you get to your shop?
It’s dead easy, you come out the station, turn right – as if you’re going down towards the main drag – just before you get to the market, hang a left and bang! You’re standing right in front of us.

Anyway, this damp patch looks like some black furry monster trying to squeeze through the brickwork but don’t let that put you off. The Boi’s been trying to paint it over with this new stuff that Jeff down the paint shop reckons will work. At that price Jeff I could have sent the damp patch to the Carribean for an holiday, all-inclusive. Probably would have had a better chance of drying the furry monster out as well.

We lost a fair bit of stock through the water damage.

Can water damage my thoughts and ideas?
Yes, obviously. Only sorrows float.

How can I keep my ideas fresh?
That’s really a secret of the trade but let me just say – cardboard boxes don’t work.

A lot of people aren’t aware that most ideas are only good for a certain period of time – once an idea goes bad you have to get rid of it, i.e. completely destroy it. Since the legislation of the 90s, bad ideas can’t go straight into landfill, that’s illegal, you have to bring them to recognised dealers such as ourselves. We run a clean shop here, that is, once we’ve tidied up and got ourselves straight.

What is that smell and why is it affecting my thoughts?
That’ll be the paint. It’s still drying. Don’t touch the screen until I’ve checked the label.

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