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Posted: February 29, 2012 by Harry Moonbeam in Early days yet...
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A lot of people have said to me, why are you opening the shop in the middle of a recession? The answer is I don’t know, maybe I’m the only mug in the world right now… or am I the shrewdest businessman?

An open sign

Blue skies ahead...

What do we know about recession?
That in desperate times, people are desperate for ideas.

I’ve got too many of them.

It’s as simple as that. The most basic of the economic equations again: supply and demand – someone’s got to want what I’ve got.

So, I’ve been advised that the best way to offload the stuff I’ve got is to create a sales to customer interface – open a shop. But in a recession? Well, we’ve been through all that already, to tell the truth, it’s just that now seemed as good a time as any to start up.

What do we do at ‘Mind Stuff’?
It’s a unique business, they used to call us ‘scrap mental merchants’, associated with the lower end of the information revolution. We deal with the grimey end of a mind-clearance – salvaging old ideas, memories, thoughts, dreams, etc. and then we sell ‘em.

Have you got any big ideas?
I wish we had, but under legislation, governments and the high-level agencies get first dibs on all the sensitive information and the big ideas, leaving us to sift through what’s left. Most of it is rubbish but every once in a while…

Where can I find the ‘Mind Stuff’ shop?
When I said shop, I meant we’ve partitioned off a bit at the front of the warehouse. I believe this is known as ‘the front end’ of commerce but what we punters call a shop – this is just the tip of our commercial iceberg – practically all of our stock remains unseen, stored ‘aat back’.

Discerning customers.
Apparently customers are discerning which means they like things nice and clean, that’s why we don’t allow anyone ‘aat back’ in the warehouse. You don’t want to go rooting about in those messy stacks of raw ideas and scattered memories, that’s the Boi’s domain. The Boi’s my son and he won’t mind me saying that he’s not what you call a ‘people person’. Now make of that what you will, it’s best I leave you to judge for yourselves. Just don’t bother him, he’s quite happy, where he is, doing what he does, ‘aat back’ sorting the stuff.

When are you open?
We’re not yet. We were advised by some marketing guru in the pub to create a buzz about the place. Hence the blog: this way, when we do finally open the doors (Friday this week) we won’t be sitting on our arses waiting for customers to find us, because you’ll already be waiting outside in the ‘Harrod’s-like’ queue.

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